We can offer:

  • Primitive camping with electricity
  • Accommodation in classrooms at the school
  • In Ikast and nearby towns it is possible to book a hotel, Bed and breakfast, Airbnb etc.
When registering on the website:
Add length and width of camping unit incl. awning

See location of camping areas here

Food ad drinks:

Meals can be pre-ordered (breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet with salad)
The café in the hall will also be open throughout the Convention.

Sportscenter Ikast is located 1 km from Ikast city center. There are grocery stores and several restaurants nearby.


Dinner Friday

    kr. 105 / € 14
  • Chicken schnitzel, fried potatoes and peas
  • Classic Beef Lasagna with bread and butter
  • Salad bar and 2 types of dressing

Lunch Saturday

    kr. 105 / € 14
  • Danish pork meatballs and braised red cabbage
  • Warm danish liver paté with mushrooms and bacon
  • Egg and snack tomato
  • Chicken and vegetables pie
  • Rye bread, light bread and butter

Dinner Saturday

    kr. 105 / € 14
  • Chicken breast with spiced baby potatoes and homemade cucumber salad
  • Danish with caramelized onions, potatoes, sauce and beetroot
  • Salad bar and 2 types of dressing


    kr. 105 / € 14
  • Various warm buns
  • Charcuterie plate with danish ham, danish rolled sausage (rullepoelse), salami, cheese and various accessories
  • Sliced fruit and grapes

Lunch Sunday

    kr. 105 / € 14
  • Baked pork chops with rice and pickled gherkins
  • Beef tortilla wrap and 3 x dressing
  • Salad bar with dressing